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Product Name               Plant Tofo Cat Litter
Main ingredients           100% food-grade soybean dregs, corn starch, guar gum
Appearance                    Strip
Packaging                       In bulk bag or small private label bag as customers’ requirement

Diameter                         3±0.5mm 

Humidity                        ≤10%

Density                          500-550g/L
Water absorption         ≥300%

MOQ                               20GP

Lead time                      30days
Storage conditions       in ventilated and dry place
Shipping port                 Qingdao, China


Disposal:    Nothing should be flushed to sewer aside from the 3 P’s (pee, poo and paper), therefore we recommend using genneral household waste or compost for disposal of MRC litter.

1. Pour 5-7cm MRC cat litter into clean cat litter box.
2. When cat excrete, MRC cat litter will absorb excreta quickly. Scoop out solid waste clumps by cat​ litter scoop.
3. Add fresh cat litter in time. Replace with fresh MRC cat litter every month and keep a depth of 5cm.



1. If cat swallowed tofu cat litter, it is no harm to cat’s body.
2. After opening cat litter bag, please use it as soon as possible. Because of good absorption.

Please do not put unused cat litter in wet environment, in order to avoid influencing using effect.