​​ Our tofu cat litter passed SVHC inspection including 197 high- consumption substance testing, and ROHS inspection of 6 heavy metal substance, which comply with EU standard. We guarantee our products are non-formaldehyde, non-mildew, non-toxic.

We focus on nature, care for cats.

Tofu cat litter series

Tofu cat litters is made by 100% natural and food-grade materials which is totally safe for cats and environmental friendly. The main ingredient of tofu cat litter is pea fiber which is able to soak three times of water than its own weight, so it is more durable than other cat litters made of bentonite or silica gel.​ It is toilet flushable.

It is made by soybean fiber and corn starch. It does not contain any synthetic additives, chemicals, and clay, so that harmless to cat.

Baby Powder Scent

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Lavender Scent

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Activated Carbon

Strawberry Scent

Corn Scent

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MRC tofu cat litter are available with a wide range of scent choices such as Jasmine, Coffee, Milk, Aloe etc, if you are looking for unique and special scent please feel free to contact us.

Lemon Scent

Green Tea Scent